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Posted: 19/10/2017

A step further into recycling for YOU!

We’re very pleased to announce we’ve recently made some exciting changes to the packaging of our refills and their trays! As part of our philosophy here at YOU, we want our products to be efficient but also good for you and for the planet, that’s why, from now on, we’ll be using 100% recycled materials and natural ink to produce our trays (and some lovely white leaves will be printed on it too!).

New YOU Refill SRP

The cardboard blisters that protect our tiny refills will also be made from recycled materials and will be printed using acrylic varnish which can be recycled easier! And don’t worry, the products will stay b’YOUtiful… and efficient too of course!

  • I love the fact I can now pick up some tiny refill bottles rather than carry home half the supermarket!
    I use it on all surfaces and to clean cupboards, appliances and tiles with brilliant results.
  • You will be amazed at the quality of the clean!
    It lifts all the soap scum and leaves me with a fabulously sparkly bathroom!
  • Although its kind and gentle to me and my family, it’s tough on grime!
    Brilliant product! I use it all the time, It feels safe and has a pleasant chemical free smell too. Highly recommended!
  • I feel safe using it around the home and have recommended it to friends and family!
    The build up of scum and dirty marks in the bath have disappeared and it hardly needs any effort!
  • Literally the best I've used!
    It gives all the performance without those lingering chemical smells.
  • My concern was using hard water to refill might somehow lessen the products ability. Needless to say I was wrong!
    100% plant based product which makes me confident I'm doing the best for my family and the environment.